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World Without Oil...or jobs

Job free and loving it


Job free and loving it

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Well right before this whole thing started I was blithely dabbling in Craiglist gigs thinking I'd worry about a real career type job later. Actually I was thinking of going into journalism, hence my volunteer participation here. Honestly, I was just thinking of my resume. But this is the people's journalism, we'll do it ourselves. I guess that's another route being closed off to making $$ like writing and art. But anyway. That's the old bitterness talking.

You've seen it yourself, even the goofy Craigslist gig posts dried up, & what was I to do, stuck out in the middle of the woods miles from town/some sort of employment? Well first I had a good panic. Then I got off my duff and networked with some neighbors. We got a community garden going, amidst doubts that the guy who owned the property would kick us all off & keep the harvest to himself, and we got a co-op shuttle service going*, despite doubts that the van owners would suddenly decide they needed the vehicle after all & shove us all out the sliding doors. So far, happily, our doubts have been unfounded. And in the resulting stability something Peak Prophet said clicked and I realized how *extremely cool* my new situation was. I was too busy worrying and doubting to realize I *am* working toward something. That plus
fallingintosin's simple one-step-at-a-time "lane changing" idea and mpathytest's calls for creative mischief in the face of crisis have helped re-align my spine about this whole situation.

So I've given up on finding a job-job. In fact, I don't think I want one anymore. It's been so much sweeter to generally mix with people out there & offer help. After all, now that I'm not trying to make a buck I have lots of *time.* I get a share of the community garden harvest for being such a steady volunteer there. For being of service to neighbors launching their conservation and energy efficiency projects, I have been fed many a meal & given spare supplies to make my own place less energy hoggy. (For instance, I've been kicked down some of those soft-serve-looking lightbulbs that are really flourescent. And my little cabin isn't heated,  but instead of the space heater I've been using in winter,  now I have rolls of that pink fluffy insulation and a few spare comfy blankets that I hope will be a cozy substitute.)

Now I just have to work on my "unavoidable" expenses like rent and utilities. I met a guy on the co-op shuttle who has me thinking there may be a way for me to avoid rent altogether....but more on that later. I need to start researching worldwithoutoil.org for my Shout WIthout for the day!
*more later, also, on how the co-op shuttle scheme works. I love its big-hearted, high-tech, all-aboard nature.
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